Zombie Reddy Review : Relief from regular Drama’s

Zombie Reddy Review Rating
Zombie Reddy Review Rating
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Zombie Reddy, A film from Awe fame Prashanth Varma. This happened to be the first ever Zombie film in Telugu. Let’s take a look at Zombie Reddy Review. 

Zombie in Desi Style 

Zombie Reddy with no regular romance.
Zombie Reddy is a complete relief from regular drama’s. 

Zombie Reddy with no commercial elements like romance, love, casting and so on . 

When you are looking for zombie films with Telugu flavor then definitely you will fall in love with Zombie Reddy. 

Story : Mario (Teja Sajja) a video game maker runs behind his dream and when he is about to achieve his dream downloads, his game will start hanging in upper levels. Where the main coder , one of his friends, was stuck in Kurnool for his wedding. Mario will reach Kurnool with his friends and with the misfire of the coronavirus vaccine zombies are created. The story is all about how Mario saved villages from Zombies and his interlink with kurnool. 

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Analysis : Zombies related movies are quite common in western countries and this the first time for Tollywood. Prashanth Varma gave it a touch of coronavirus. The first half of the film is a regular telugu movie with little fun and unwontedly created horror. 

Second half is jam packed with zombies and entertainment. When you want to watch a Zombie film, then Zombie Reddy is a sure watch. Climax part fun and scenes are ultimately written. Zombie movies will never have logic, so ignore all the logic less scenes. Movie only have minor flaws. Second half is quite impressive. 

Performance : Teja Sajja is perfect for his role. Anandhi is decent with a Rayalaseema accent. Daksha is glamorous. Getup Srinu’s comedy is good.

Technical team should be appreciated, Action episodes are quite impressive. Cinematography work is extraordinary. If they might have focused a bit on the first half and Zombie Reddy might have created a new trend. 

Positives :

  • Background score 
  • Entertainment
  • First Zombie film.

Negatives : 

As its an first attempt of Zombies in telugu no negatives than a lagging first half. 

Verdict : New experience for Telugu audience. If you like Zombie films and this is nowhere disappoint you. Only the first half lags. Zombie Reddy is a risky film and Prashanth Varma is quite impressive. 

CCC Zombie Reddy Review Rating: 2.75/5