Why is Nagarjuna maintaining stoic silence on Chay – Sam rumours?

One thing that has been baffling everyone is why Akkineni Nagarjuna maintains stoic silence on every aspect or rumour relating to Naga Chaitanya and Samantha ever since they got separated last year.

It is a well-known fact that Nag maintains very good affinity with Samantha ever since she had fallen in love with Naga Chaitanya in her initial days as an actress in the South. During many media interactions, Nag himself revealed the close bond he shares with Samantha. It is an undeniable fact that Nag played a significant role in their relationship and also he is one of the reasons why they got married.

When Chay-Sam announced their split, everyone felt why couldn’t Nagarjuna stop the divorce from happening being the head of the family and also because of his bond with Samantha. Nag conveniently evaded his role and sat on the fence while the pair got separated. What is more surprising is that Nag didn’t even care to interfere when rumours mills are rampant on several personal issues ever since their separation.

Being a star hero and also the head of the Akkineni family, Nag could have easily solved the differences between Chay and Sam in the initial days. But, that didn’t happen. Even after their split, Nag continues to remain silent on various issues relating to them.

Sources revealed that he is still sharing a good rapport with Samantha even after she divorced Chaitu. So, he should have told both Chaitu and Sam to refrain from making any controversial statements and move on. Also, he should have warned the PR teams of both of them to not involve in any sort of mudslinging on one another.

More than the Chay-Sam differences and the rumours that followed their separation, it was Nag’s sidestepping attitude and his deep silence in this entire issue that has been more shocking to everyone in industry circles.