Vijay Deverakonda Hero movie on hold?


Anand Annamalai, who is new director approached Rowdy star Vijay deverakonda with a script titled “Hero”. Mythri movie makers decided to release in both Tamil and Telugu languages as it is a sport’s drama. Vijay deverakonda will be seen as a Racer in the movie. The first schedule of the film regarding racing scenes are being shot till now with an whopping amount of 6 crores and finally the scenes being shot are inappropriate. The makers are planning to make changes over the script and they too had a doubt whether the new director had the ability to handle the script carefully even after modifying the script, else the director will be replaced.

The movie is Planned with a budget of 50 crores and the budget will be reduced accordingly. Presently the movie is not yet halted and it takes some more time to get clear confirmation and if the Project Hero is not getting Materialized Vijay deverakonda promised Mythri movie makers that he will do another film.

Dear Comrade

Mean while, Vijay Deverakonda recent release Dear comrade is with mixed talk starring Rashmika Mandanna and directed by Bharat Kamma.


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