Valimai Review : Only for Ajith and Action

Ajith valimai movie review rating
Ajith valimai movie review rating

Stylish Superstar Ajith’s Valimai released today amid huge anticipation and theatres in Tamil Nadu in which Valimai released are witnessing scenes of a carnival. Let’s get into the movie to find whether all the hype and hungama around Valimai is worth it. Read our Valimai review.

Starting with story, Valimai is a regular ‘good vs evil’ war story where a good samaritan warrior like cop takes on a cruel and corrupt criminal who feeds off nefarious crimes. While Ajith is the super hero cop, Karthikeya is the villain in this regular mass-styled action film. The story is set in Chennai and Ajith dons the role of ACP Arjun. Arjun is posted in Chennai when a masked gang of chain snatchers are making life hell for public. However in the process of investigating and going after these baddies, Arjun encounters much bigger crime network and activities which are led by Karthikeya. How the super cop hero takes on the evil antagonist is the crux of the story.

As a story, Valimai is a thin line. Therefore director has to depend on screenplay and presentation. May be here director decided to include family and sentiment angle, in an otherwise outright action flick. But instead of making proceedings interesting, the family and sentiment elements come as speed breakers. May be in the hindsight, it would have been much better, if director Vinoth bet on making Valimai as a full fledged action movie.

Valimai Trailer : Next Level Stunts and Action

As there is little on story and screenplay front, it is Ajith who carried the movie completely on his shoulders. We have seen Ajith effortlessly carrying on large scale action movies in the past with his might. But the difference between past flicks and Valimai is, the action episodes are not backed by proper content in this flick. In fact Ajith has entirely and soley taken up the responsibility of making Valimai appealing. He has excelled in action episodes and one can say that these stunts sequences are sole attractive point of this massy film. Director Vinoth and action choreographer Dilip Subbarayan needs to be appreciated for taking action sequences to next level. The action scenes are definitely worth watching.

As we said Valimai is Ajith’s one man show and all other actors just chip in. Antagonist Karthikeya did his job well. Huma Qureshi has limited scope. Music director Yuvan Shankar Raja has done a decent job. Action choreographer Dilip Subbarayan deserves a big praise, for it is the action episodes which might save this movie.

On a final note, watch Valimai if you are a fan of Ajith and Action. And don’t expect anything more.

cine chit chat ajith valimai review rating : 2.5/3

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