USA BO : Three blockbusters nab $ 2M in two weeks

It is a resurrection of Telugu Cinema in the USA after a period of dormancy. In the last couple of weeks, three films emerged as blockbuster hits and ended the dry spell at the overseas box office.

Firstly, it was Hanu Raghavapudi’s classical romantic drama Sita Ramam that brought back the glory of Telugu cinema in the USA. The film started decently and gained terrific momentum towards the weekend due to the unanimous reports. The film, starring Dulqueer Salmaan and Mrunal Thakur, marched towards the million dollar mark in two weeks and emerged as one of the biggest hits in recent times. To date, Sita Ramam notched up $ 1.1M in the USA.

Kalyan Ram’s Bimbisara also garnered a terrific response from overseas audiences. The film collected more than half a million dollars as of now and bagged the super hit tag in terms of return on investment. Bimbisara collected steady numbers in two weeks to hand over the biggest overseas hit for Kalyan Ram.

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Nikhil Siddharth’s latest outing Karthikeya 2 completed the third hit for Tollywood in two weeks. The suspense thriller directed by Chandoo Mondeti is minting superb revenues as the total gross surpassed the $ 550K by the end of Tuesday.

The cumulative gross of all three films surpassed the $ 2M mark in the USA. After successive weeks of a low patch, Telugu cinema is back in the talking with back-to-back hits. What is more notable is that all three films are made of medium budget and no star cast is involved in them. Content proved to be the king of their success.