Thipparaa Meesam Review : Inspired from Arjun reddy

Thippara Meesam Movie Review
Thippara Meesam Movie Review

Sree Vishnu after Brochevarevvaru raa is coming with Thipparaa Meesam. He is in rugged look, Senior actress Rohini is seen in some prominent role and Nikki Tamboli is the lead actress. Krishna Vijay directed the film.

Lets take a look how the film went :

Story :
Sree Vishnu will be seen as Mani Shankar, where Rohini is his mother. The relation between Son and Mother is the whole story slot. Why Mani hates his mother and irks her? His mother Rohini bare him with all her patience is the main secreat behind the movie.

Mani is into drugs and bettings , He troubles his mother for money to repay his loans. With effect of drugs mani try to rape his gril friend. Finally end of the movie how relation between Mani and his mother turned out to be is the climax.

Performance :
Sree Vishnu as Mani Shankar is upto the mark. As drug addict and reckless son who hates his mother , his performance is adequate. Sree Vishnu better think about everything before picking a movie than just looking at his performance orientation.

Nikki Tamboli is new actress and was really bad with her performance.

Rohini ,she is senior actress and we already knew about her performance in sentimental roles, nothing to complain about her. Director’s last outing was Needhi Naadhi Oke Katha which went ok at box office. Director should really look into movies what he is exactly taking. He is properly from Malayalam industry, so better he leave that Mallu flavor and work with some Telugu feel.

Analysis :
Mani Shankar a professional DJ fell love with Police officer , its like Love at First sight. How come police officer so easily fell in love for a drug addict DJ. Slow narration and screen with lot of action make us feel bored at times. Hero is shown in such a dark shade as he is villain but end of the movie he will know the secret of his birth and turns good. Arjun reddy impact is lot more on the movie. Every movie with a drug addict hero wont be Arjun reddy. The emotion should be carried to audience, but in this movie we feel like yes hero deserve this.

Due to less production cost even the scenes were not clear which were shot at night and most of the part was shot at night only.

Negatives :

  • Slow Narration
  • Impact of Arjun reddy
  • Nikki

Positives :

  • Rohini, Sree Vishnu performance
  • Back ground score

Single word : Better avoid this movie

CCC Rating : 2/5


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