SwathiMuthyam Review: Hilarious

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SwathiMuthyam Review: Hilarious

SwathiMuthyam Review Rating : 2.75/5

Bellamkonda Ganesh is making his debut with a romantic comedy film SwathiMuthyam. Lakshman K Krishna is the director and Varsha Bommana is the leading lady. Sithara Entertainments were quite optimistic even before the film’s release. SwathiMuthyam was released in theatres on October 5th on the occasion of Dasara by competing with Chiranjeevi’s ‘GodFather’ and Nagarjuna’s ‘The Ghost’.


Bala Muralikrishna (Bellamkonda Ganesh) is a junior engineer in the electricity department. Rao Ramesh plays his father. Bala attends Pelli chupulu with Bhagya Lakshmi (Varsha Bommana), who is a school teacher. When the duo was about to get married, Sailaja (Divya Sripada) surprises everyone in the wedding hall with nine months of pregnancy and claims ‘Bala’ as the father and Bala accepts the claim as well.

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Swathimuthyam is a well-done Rom-Com. Tollywood is not new to the sperm donation concept. We have ‘Welcome Obama’ and Sumanth’s ‘Naruda Donaruda’ also. The movies dint work at the box office but have much applause from critics, but Swathi Muthyam is in a different style. The director has worked well and got the hilarious touch, where this is going to turn the film into an audience puller. There is no comparison with Vicky Donor. The movie revolves around this concept for less than 15mins.

SwathiMuthyam is a clean family film. There is no vulgarity and the scenes will leave a smile on the audience’s face. Bellamkonda Ganesh never seems to be a like debut actor on screen. His background hard work on acting resembled on screen. Swathi Muthyam is a watchable film. Varsha Bommana is good in her role as a school teacher. Leaving Rao Ramesh, the other casting is okay and this might show an impact on the walk-ins.

As regular films with the wed-lock between the lead pair Bala and Bhagya, the films come to an end. Pre-climax scenes are lagging. Swathimuthyam is only an entertainer. Which can even be watched on OTT platforms.


  • Direction
  • Bellamkonda Ganesh


  • Same Old Story
  • Music
  • Appealing Tunes


Swathimuthyam is a watchable film, which can even be ignored in theatres and can wait for the OTT release. If the film goes with positive WOM and brings good walk-ins into theatres and proves that the audience is not expecting some big budget, huge star cast and VFX effects, this film will be a tight slap for many in the industry.

SwathiMuthyam Review Rating : 2.75/5

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