Liger Movie Review : A Puri’s Calamity

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Liger Movie Review : A Puri’s Calamity

Liger movie Review Rating : 1/5

Puri Jagannadh created waves in Industry with Badri, Idiot, Amma Nanna O Tamil Ammayi, Shivamani, and Pokiri films. His hero characterisation became a sensation and aspiration for even the biggest of stars. But he lost his touch post Neninthe and Temper, Ismart Shankar became blockbusters in the decade of flops. Post Ismart Shankar, he has taken a huge leap of faith for Vijay Deverakonda to make a Pan-India film, Liger in association with Karan Johar. Even Vijay Deverakonda is in the need of a hit post Dear Comrade, World Famous Lover. Did the duo deliver on their Wat Laga Denge promise? Let’s discuss the film…


Balamani (Ramyakrishnan) takes his son, Liger (Vijay Deverakonda) to Mumbai. She makes her living as a tea-seller. Liger joins Coach Christopher (Ronit Roy) and there he meets Taniya (Ananya Panday) who is the sister of another champion. Taniya falls in love with Liger but his mother disapproves. Liger hides the fact he is a stammer and Taniya breaks up with him after knowing the fact. Liger has to overcome this heartbreak and achieve his MMA International champion goal. Can he? Watch the movie to know more…

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Puri Jagannadh lost his touch in making movies a decade ago. He hasn’t been able to get his form back but Jr. NTR’s Temper became a hit when no one anticipated it to be. Recently, Ram Pothineni’s Ismart Shankar became a blockbuster when no one anticipated and critics panned the content. He took three years’ time and huge support from Karan Johar kind of Bollywood biggie from Vijay Deverakonda, to climb on the Pan-India bandwagon. But he did not get back into form. In fact, he brought the whole film and the efforts of all the technical team, and actors down with his lethargic writing. No one can excuse him for taking three years to make a film in this granted manner. Absolutely no effort has been put by him to check his mistakes from early movies which made this even worse way possible. Right from the first scene, this movie disappoints everyone.

Vijay Deverakonda has put in a lot of effort to build his body and even learn Boxing skills. But he did not put in much effort to pull off a stammer’s role in a sensible way. His performance can be classified as Novel insinuation. He tried something new but it ended up being worse than one can imagine. Ramyakrishnan, Ronit Roy, Chunky Panday, and Ali tried hard to make the scenes work. Mike Tyson is the most ridiculous thing adding to the calamity of a film. Avoid it for your good health.

Positives :

1) Ramyakrishnan tried
2) Nothing else


1) Bad Story
2) Pointless Narration
3) Random Scenes
4) Aimless Direction

Liger movie Review Rating : 1/5

Bottom-line: A Puri’s Calamity


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