Ante Sundaraniki Review : Sundar needed to be more fun!

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Ante Sundaraniki Review : Sundar needed to be more fun!

Ante Sundaraniki Review Rating: 2.5/5

Natural Star Nani and Nazriya Fahadh have come together for the first time. In fact, this is Nazriya Fahadh’s first Telugu movie too. She has been doing the “cutie pie” roles in Tamil and Malayalam. Can she bring that flavour here? At the same time, Nani hasn’t been able to hit the ball out of the park with”V” or “Tuck Jagadish” or to large extent with “Shyam Singha Roy”. While he loved those characters, people did not like the screenplays. Can he deliver better now? He, Vivek Athreya, Nazriya need a hit. Will they find it? Let’s discuss…


Sundar (Nani) misses out on a chance to go out of the country. His parents feel that there is something wrong with his birth time or astrological signs alignment. They meet up with an astrologer and being from orthodox Brahmin family, they believe more in these than others. Hence, Sundar starts to suffer and he gets fed up of all this. He manages to convince them to send him for college and job. He falls for Leela (Nazriya), coming from an orthodox Christian family. While the youngsters don’t believe in religion much, the elders are very particular. To convince their parents, Sundar and Leela from childhood get accustomed to telling lies. Now, to make their parents accept their love, what would they say? Guess and watch the movie, if you want to know you’re right.


Movie is narrated in a slow pace and that at times becomes a patience tester. When there is really no need Vivek Athreya tries to drag few things out for the effect. And this aspect works against it. What appears to be fun on paper can at times reflect as harsh or irresponsible on screen. If a hero or lead character appears highly irresponsible under any circumstances, there is a chance of audiences loosing their connect with that particular character. The same thing for large extent happens with Sundar and Leela. While their antics seem fresh and likeable to an extent, they seem to go overboard after a point with “lies” factor and faking.

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Had the writing could have been crisp and clear, this film might have been another Ohm Shanti Oshana. The principal structure and character design from the director, even the idea seems to be that but movie ends up being something else altogether. Movie tries to take itself too seriously after a point. It feels like we are suddenly thrown from “Darling & Ullasham ga Uthsaham ga” universe into “Raja, Pelli Chesukundam” kind of universe. Both don’t compliment each other and hence, film’s Screenplay also doesn’t compliment all the right intentions of the director.

Still, the performances of Nani, Nazriya work. She even dubbed by herself. Such an effort needs applause. Few scenes are really hilarious and comedians did their job to large extent. Naresh, Rohini, Nadiya get good scenes and they did well. Technically, Vivek Athreya who used BGM and camera well in Brochevarevarura did not really achieve such finesse. He could have done away with some scenes and dialogue strech. On the whole, he delivered a watchable one but could have been way better.


  • Performances from the cast
  • BGM
  • Certain comic portions

Negatives :

  • Length
  • Over melodrama portions
  • Drag in second hour

Bottomline: Sundar needed to be more fun!

Cast: Nani, Nazriya Fahadh, Naresh, Rohini, Nadiya

Written by Vivek Athreya
Music by Vivek Sagar
Cinematography by Niketh Bommi
Edited by Raviteja Gurijala
Directed by Vivek Athreya
Produced by Naveen, Ravi for Mythri Movie Makers

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Ante Sundaraniki Review Rating: 2.5/5

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