Telugu Film Chamber supports guild’s decision, no shoots from Aug 1st

Active Telugu Film Producers Guild has called to stop the shootings in Tollywood from August 1st as a protest against the rising production costs due to various factors like high remunerations and VPS charges. More than 75 producers of the guild have decided to halt the shootings until the issues are sorted out.

Now, Telugu Film Chamber, the apex body in Tollywood, has decided to support the decision taken by the producers guild and stall all shootings from August 1st. The film chamber has announced that shootings will resume after taking an ideal decision on various problems that have been grappling with the film industry.

Producer Dil Raju, while addressing the press in Hyderabad, revealed that the film chamber and producers guild will co-ordinate and sit together to discuss various issues of the industry and devise a plan of action for the way forward.

With this decision, many films which are currently on floors are going to be affected. Some big-ticket films which are slated for release in October are likely to be impacted due to this unexpected break.