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Stand Up Rahul Review : Wake up Raj Tarun

Stand Up Rahul Review Rating : 2/5

It has been a long time since young hero Raj Tarun scored a hit and he badly needs a hit to revive his career. Many younger and newer heroes are coming up in Tollywood and only a solid hit will ensure that Raj Tarun stays in the game. Eyeing the much needed hit, he came up with ‘Stand Up Rahul’ movie this time. Debut director Santo Mohan Veeranki has directed this youthful flick which struck a chord with audience with its trailers and promotions. Read on to know whether this film stands out or fizzles out.

Story and journey of Rahul:

As it is evident from the title, Raj Tarun appears as stand up comedian Rahul. Though he faces several dilemmas and struggles, hides his problems and makes efforts to make people laugh with his stand up comedy. His parents are Prakash (Murali Sharma) and Indumati (Indraja). While Prakash is a film director who won a national award for his movie, Indumati works as a air hostess. Though Prakash is national award winner, suffers financially as the movie produced by him flops. On the other side Indumati, who is a practical person, gets miffed with Prakash’s career choice. Soon differences erupt between Prakash and Indumati and Indumati gets divorced from Prakash and takes their son Rahul with her. In the later part of her life Indumati also gets critical of Rahul and urges him to build a successful career instead of wasting life.

Due to the experience of their parents, Rahul considers love and marriage as trash and has no good opinion about them. He moves from Vizag to Hyderabad to make a career in stand up comedy. But Shreya (Varsha Bollamma), who is a childhood friend of Rahul loves him. To win over Rahul’s heart, who does not believe in love and marriage, Shreya agrees to have a live in relationship, though she does not like the idea. Now what trajectory Rahul’s career and love life takes is the crux of Stand up Rahul movie.

How it fares:

Stand up Rahul movie has good point to focus on. But to make stories like these work, presentation and screenplay matter a lot. Director Santo has faltered here. Though he has chosen a contemporary story, could not add the required depth to characters for the audience to get identify with them and get involved in the story. Even the conflicts of the main characters appear weak. Therefore in spite of having enough substance in the story, audience feel like just sitting through the entire proceedings rather than getting engaged.

Artistes performance:

Hero Raj Tarun has tried to attempt a new age movie. He has tried to add newness to his looks and performance. He has done well within the scope of character. Varsha Bollamma is impressive. In some scenes she outsmarts Raj Tarun. Indraja got a good character and she performed well. Murali Sharma has limited scope. Vennela Kishore, Madhurima, Devi Prasad and others also appear in supporting roles. Surprisingly C/on Kancharapalem director Venkatesh Maha appears in a small but key role.

Key Crafts:

Nanda Kumar has penned dialogues. Though some times dialogues go overboard in the name of stand up comedy, will tickle audience. Sriraj Raveendran cinematography is stylish. He brings a contemporary feel to the movie. Sweekar Agasti has done decent job in music. Production values are adequate.

Final take:

Stand up Rahul is a contemporary flick which aims to be a romantic comedy. But we have seen umpteen number of movies in this genre and only a very high impact content will stand out. Here is very Stand up Rahul falls short. Raj Tarun may have to wake up to this fact.

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Stand Up Rahul Review Rating : 2/5



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