squid game review netflix
squid game review netflix

Korean web series on Netflix is trending and became a global success. This is the first non-English-language series to breakout such a huge success. This is a survival game web series like Hunger games. The storyline is hard-hitting.

This a story of like
How far you will go money?”.
How far you are ready to kill yourself?.

Eliminating in Squid Game is nothing but death. This is surprising that how can people see soo crucial series. The series is suffocating, yet gripping.

Bae Suzy for Ram Charan ?

The director of Squid Game, Hwang Dong-hyuk was rejected many times for almost a decade. He is roaming with the script and finally, COVID turned the situations and the bizarre concept has got its way and materialized.

Whatever, Squid Game is worth watching. if you are looking for survival games. child games with added raw and cruelty.