Sorrowful Decision

Malayalam Actor ND Prasad, who gained fame for playing the negative role in Nivin Pauly’s action- drama ‘Action Hero Biju’ was reportedly found dead by hanging in a tree outside his house at Kalamassery, Near Kochi on June 25th at around 6:30pm.
His children found their father hanging and immediately informed their neighbors after which it was informed to the police. Prasad is survived by his wife and two children.
According to the reports the police say that the mental stress and family issues would be the cause for the actor to take the negative way of ending his life. He was appeared to be very depressed since his last few days, reports suggest.

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Prasad had featured in many films such as ‘Iba’ and ‘Karmani. But the actors villain role in the film ‘ Action Hero Biju’ got so much adulatory. This film made him very popular and famous.
Prasad was detained and charged with Narcotics offense and was arrested in 2021 for having possessed synthetic Narcotics.

Disclaimer : If you are feeling depressed, think over the achievements that you have made in your life. Develop positive thoughts in mind instead of ending up your life. Life is to be celebrated not to end up in a negative way.