Son of India review: Intention is good, but lacks intensity

Son of India movie review rating
Son of India movie review rating

Senior hero-turned-character artiste Mohan Babu’s Son of India movie released in theatres this Friday. Mohan Babu is coming with a lead role movie after a long time. Read on to know, whether Mohan Babu impresses in this experimental movie.

Son of India’s story:

Kadiyam Babji (Mohan Babu) works as a driver and he kidnaps Union Minister Mahendra Bhupati (Srikant). He does not stop there. He also kidnaps two other important people. NIA officer Ira (Pragya Jaiswal) jumps into the action to unravel the motive behind kidnaps and and save them. In the process she knows that it is Kadiyam Babji, who is working as driver with her who is the kidnapper. She also gets to know that Kadiyam Babji is not what he is and his original name is Virupaksha. Why Virupaksha turned Kadiyam Babji and why he is kidnapping influential people forms the crux of Son of India movie.

Experimental narration:

As Son of India makers have been saying from the start, it is an experimental movie. In most parts of the movie, only Mohan Babu is visible. Though there are popular actors like Pragya Jaiswal, Srikant, Raja Ravindra and others, only their voice is audible all through. Only in some scenes their faces get revealed. As a result, there is not much for others in this experimental flick. Its a ‘One Man Show’ by Mohan Babu literally.

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Screenplay and direction:

Being an experimental movie, screenplay and direction play a key role. Diamond Ratna Babu should have come up with more interesting screenplay as the story has shades of some past movies. Even more care should have taken in case of experimental narration. While the intention behind the movie is good, it lacks required intensity. While some scenes manage to impress, many scenes fall flat.

Final take on Mohan Babu’s Son of India:

As said earlier, Son of India movie is a one man show by Mohan Babu. Besides playing lead role, he has also contributed to script. His dialogues in some scenes are excellent. But Diamond Ratna Babu did not utilise Mohan Babu fully. Another highlight of Son of India movie is, after a long time we get to hear Ilayaraja’s music. Sarvesh Murari cinematography is in tune with the experimental narration of movie. As the movie was initially produced for OTT only release, production values are not on par with a Mohan Babu movie. In spite, Mohan Babu fans might feel happy to see their favourite star in a lead role after a long time. Others can happily skip it.

Son of India movie review rating : 2.5/5