Sebastian PC 524 Review : Crime drama takes entertaining route

Sebastian PC 524 Movie Review
Sebastian PC 524 Movie Review

Young hero Kiran Abbavaram’s Sebastian P.C 524 got released today. He has scored a hit in his last film SR Kalyana Mandapam and is one of the young heroes who is making heads turn in Tollywood right now. Therefore his latest flick has been tracked eagerly by move lovers. Just read on to find whether this young hero has been successful in fulfilling the expectations riding on him. Let’s see Sebastian PC 524 Movie Review

What is the story of Sebastian PC 524:

Sebastian (Kiran Abbavaram) suffers from night blindness and therefore hates night. Surprisingly such a person becomes police constable. As he fears nights, he requests his Inspector not to assign night duty but to no avail. As feared, Sebastian runs into problems, as a young woman dies when Sebastian is posted at a home during night. As Sebastian suffers from night blindness he does not know how the woman died and stands as culprit before higher officials. He loses his job with this incident. Only four people know about Sebastian’s night blindness. His mother, a close friend, his lover and the doctor who treats him are those four.

An emotional note from Kiran : ” RIP Ramanjulu Reddy “

Trusting Sebastian, his mother urges him to prove his innocence and ensure that justice is won, by finding out the real person behind woman’s death. Motivated by his mother, Sebastian starts investigating the woman’s death. Much to his dismay he finds out that it his close friend, who saved him during his childhood when he was about to be hit by a bus during night time, is behind the woman’s death. What is the reason behind the woman’s death, how Sebastian gets caught between duty and friendship form the main plots of Sebastian PC 524 film.

Treatment and narration:

Sebastian PC 524 is a crime drama but director has added a strong sentiment element and banked on entertaining narration, instead of taking a suspense thriller route. He needs to be patted for trying out different narration. Debut director Balaji Sayyapureddy directed this movie and has succeeded in keeping things interesting. With enough doses of crime element, sentiment, love track and entertaining narration, Sebastian PC 524 may get pass marks at box office test.

Artistes Performances and main crafts:

Young hero Kiran Abbavaram has got enough scope for proving his acting abilities and he has has used it well. He has shown ease in both crime scenes and also comedy timing. He has got one more good movie in his kitty. Heroines Nuveksha and Komali Prasad are adequate in their roles. Senior actress Rohini has got a good role in this film and she has done it with poise.

Tamil music director Gibran has composed music and he has done his job well. Already couple of songs have been hits even before the release of movie. Background score is fine. Cinematography is adequate. It would have been better if editing was crisper.

Final take:

Sebastian PC 524 is a crime drama narrated in an entertaining way. Can be watched once for casual movie experience.

Cine Chit Chat Sebastian PC 524 Movie Review Rating : 2.5/5

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