Sammathame Movie Review : Asammathame!

Sammathame Movie Review
Sammathame Movie Review

Sammathame Movie Review Rating: 1.5/5

Kiran Abbavaram delivered hits with Rajavaaru Ranivaaru, SR Kalyanamandapam. He failed with Sebastian. Now, he came up with Sammathame. Let’s discuss how the movie is …


Krishna (Kiran Abbavaram) keeps thinking about his life partner and for him, getting married is the only wish. He wants a traditional, “yes-woman” as wife. He meets Sanvi (Chandini Chowdhary) during his first “Pelli Choopulu”. When she tells him about her failed love affair, he walks out. But then he cannot forget her and understands that he is in love with her. Finally, he meets her and proposes. She accepts but he feels that he has to change her according to his wishes. Can he do that? Will she rebel against his nagging wishes in their relationship? Watch the movie to know more.


Chandini Chowdhary appears cute and beautiful. Her performance is good enough for the role written. All others did what they are offered. Kiran Abbavaram on the other hand needs to work on his emoting skills. He needs to work on his close-ups as blank expression cannot work in every character. His voice modulation has to change according to role as well. He cannot be one performance actor in every film. A possessive boy cannot be played as sulking introvert. An Independent girl character need not be an angel too.

The movie falls flat after a simple start. The decent flow that the director as caught on in the first half drops on as the movie progresses. The conflict as to progressively grow from two sides in a romance but it just ends up being a one-sided affair. The main lead has to realise but it should be because of the other lead but not because a supporting character suddenly found voice. This is a filmi cliche that hampered many movies in 90’s. If he still keep resorting to them even in 2020’s then we are going backwards but not forward. Conflict which is the heart of the romance appears silly as the characters established don’t behave like that but behave as per the writer’s wish. This is again a cliche that writers developed in earlier films which we need to progress from. It hurts to see even young writers and artists believing that films should be made in this style only.


  • Music by Shekar Chandra
  • Basic Plot
  • Cinematography


  • Performance of lead
  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Amateurish Script

Sammathame Movie Review Rating: 1.5/5

Bottom-line: Asammathame!

Cast: Kiran Abbavaram, Chadini Chowdary, Shivannarayana Naripeddi, Annapurnamma, Goparaju Ramana


Music by Shekar Chandra
Editing by Viplav Myshadan
Cinematography by Sateesh Reddy Masan
Written & Directed by Gopinath Reddy
Produced by Kanakala Praveena

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