Samantha’s bold talk: F*** it I’ll do it

Samantha Prabhu is trending all over. Her debut in Koffee with Karan season 7 created tremors.
Karan Johar’s one of the interesting questions to Samantha is about her decision for accepting ‘Oo Anatava’. He asked her, “was it a brave decision that you go and do a song like Oo Anatava literally 2 weeks before Pushpa saw the theatrical release ?”. He continued saying, “was that a rebellious movie ? was that a strategic move? Or was that something you just felt F*** it ill do it?”.

Finally: SSMB28 update officially

Samantha said, “F*** it ill do it”. She continued by saying who else can take a satire on a male gaze than a nautch girl and I faced a lot of criticism about pandering to the male gaze while making a satire on the male gaze.