RRR movie was boycotted!

RRR boycotted in Karnataka

Maverick director Rajamouli’s RRR has been facing a lot of heat from Kannadigas just two days before its release. Kannadigas have been demanding to boycott RRR in Karnataka.

The reason behind this uproar was not releasing the Kannada version of RRR in the state. In Karnataka, RRR was releasing majorly in Telugu and Tamil. With this, Kannadigas got angry and started a trend on social media with the hashtag ‘#BoycottRRRinKarnataka’ by sharing the video of Superstar Shivaraj Kumar requesting Rajamouli and team to release RRR in Kannada.

The Kannada movie lovers tweeting that the RRR team didn’t have respect for Shivanna words and it’s time to boycott the movie. Some say that they won’t watch the movie on TV and OTT either.

Telugu movie lovers replied to Kannada brothers that the RRR Kannada rights were owned by a noted Kannada producer and it lies in his hands to release in Kannada language based on the demand and supply. There is nothing wrong in Rajamouli and the RRR team.

They requested them to ask a Kannada distributor, not Rajamouli and the RRR team. And it was not right to boycott the movie.

Earlier, Pushpa was also faced the same ire from Kannadigas for not releasing it in Kannada. It is a known fact that the majority of Kannadigas would love to watch in Telugu only. Based on the demand, RRR will release the Telugu version widely in Karnataka..