Thunivu / Thegimpu Review: Robinhood’s Money Heist

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Thunivu / Thegimpu Review: Robinhood’s Money Heist

Ajith Kumar’s Thunivu released today competes with Vijay’s Varisu. Thunivu is an action entertainer, let’s have a look at Thunivu / Thegimpu Review

A gang of bandits enter ‘Your Bank’ ( public bank) to rob Rs 500Cr liquid cash from the bank, where the bank has unofficial funds against RBI rules. The Dark Devil (Ajith) enters into the scene, fights with the thieves and plans to rob Rs 25,000Cr. How does the bank have Rs 25,000Cr and whether Ajith is a villain or hero, all these are twists behind. The movie is all about financial crimes.

Thunivu doesn’t make you impatient. Every scene in the film has twists. But most of the first half is almost the same as ‘Money Heist’. At the very beginning of the film, director Vinoth made it complicated for the audience to understand what exactly happening on the screen. The movie projects the real crimes that are happening currently. Scenes of police trying to communicate with robbers replicate most of the Money Heist scenes.

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Vinoth’s criticism on media, police and politicians is once again projected in Thunivu. When it comes to the second half, Thunivu completely turns into a Robinhood film. The characterisation is written beautifully. Post-interval ends with a twist. At times director missed the root of the film by projecting Dark Devil. If you love action films, just go grab your ticket and watch the south Indian Robinhood film in Ajith’s style. If not, Thunivu will largely disappoint as the film lack entertainment. The movie has a lot of gun fights, land fights, air fights and also water fights. Scenes are wonderful on big screen.

There is no need of mentioning anyone rather than Ajith. Thunivu is a one-man show. Thala Ajith’s maniac screams, dance and walks are a breadth of the film. Fans will go crazy by seeing him. His swag and attempting Micheal Jackson’s step, everything is just a feast for the fans. Ajay play the role of ACP and he fulfilled his part. Samuthirakani is as good as always.

One more to talk about in the film is Manju Warrier(Kanmani), Ajith’s partner. she is also good. An actor who played the role of a bank employee is also good. Vinoth misses sensitivity at times when dragging in the media and politicians. Every single penny spent by Boney Kapoor is seen on screen.

Positives :
Ajith’s Mannerism

Twists and Turns


Negatives :

Lack of Entertainment

Verdict: if you love action films, just go watch them. If you are Ajith’s fan, get ready to have the feast.

Thunivu / Thegimpu Review : 2.75/5

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