Nana Patekar Tadka Review: Sensible and Matured

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Nana Patekar Tadka Review: Sensible and Matured


  • Cast & Crew
  • Nana Patekar (Hero)
  • Shriya Saran, Ali Fazal, Taapsee Pannu (Heroine)
  • Nana Patekar – Tukaram Shriya Sadan – Madhura Tapsee Pannu - Nicole Ali Faizal - Siddharth (Actors)
  • Anup Rubens (Music Director)
  • Prakash Raj (Producer )
  • Prakash Raj (Director)

Nana Patekar Tadka Review Rating : 3/5

Tadka is from Ulavacharu Biryani/ Oggarane/ Un Samayal Arayil’s director Prakash Raj, which is released on November 4th and streaming on OTT platform Zee5 starring Nana Patekar, Shriya Saran, Taapsee Pannu, Murali Sharma and Ali Fazal. Let’s take a look at Tadka movie review.

If anyone remembers Aadi Sai Kumar’s ‘Lovely’ movie and Vennela Kishore’s love story slot, you will automatically understand the confusing slot of the film’s love story. Tadka is an official remake of Malayalam’s Salt N Pepper (2011).

Tadka movie is located in Goa, Nana Patekar aka Tukaram is an archaeologist, lonely and passionate about food. He lives with his friend Murali Sharma and with a cook. His nephew Siddharth (Ali Fazal) visits him frequently. Mathura (Shriya Saran) is an RJ in Goa and single. There will be a wrong call, which connects Mathura and Tukaram. Mathura calls Tukaram by mistake and orders Aloo Parata. Later the duo will pick up a fight on the phone for not delivering Aloo Parota to Mathura.

Ali Fazal aka Sid, Tuakaram’s nephew tries to connect him with Madhura on phone and will be successful. Taapse Pannu aka Nicole lives with Madhura. Nicole and Siddharth fall for each other simultaneously. The worry of a middle-aged man when he wanted to meet his love interest is written very sensibly by Surya Menon and Sagar Haveli.

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The film is written in a mature way and very sensible at times. Every dialogue is soulful. Shriya’s role of being a lone soul and searching for her soulmate is painful. The actress carried it so smoothly. The editing work has been so good. 2 hours of the film will nowhere test your patience. There will be a kind of vibe in the film. Despite the delay, Tadka enjoys binge-watching. The background score is good and the movie flow was maintained in the right way. Sreekar Prasad, the editor has 100% done his part. Kapil has maintained soulful music throughout the film. Only at the climax we feel little dragged. The movie has blended emotions and as Prakash Raj picked up the best actors, emotions were carried out very well throughout the film.

Nana Patekar is exceptional. He makes us laugh, be serious and cry with his emotions. Taapsee Pannu dubbing is bad. She looks routine and definitely, and Nicole’s role doesn’t deserve an actor like Taapsee Pannu. Tadka is the simplest drama and will impress the audience with Prakash raj style of making.

Verdict: : Must watch for its sensible point and matured emotions.

Prakash Raj Tadka Review Rating : 3/5

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Nana Patekar Tadka Review Rating : 3/5

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