Mukhachitram Review: Twisted Love Story

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Mukhachitram Review: Twisted Love Story

Mukhachitram Review

Story: Rajkumar (Vikas Vasista) and his friend Chaitanya Rao (30 weds 20 fame actor) are plastic surgeons and childhood friends. Raj Kumar will be in love with his childhood friend Maya, and he never expresses his love for her. Raj Kumar will get married to Mahati(Priya Vadlamani), a girl from a very traditional Brahmin family. Maya will also be in love with Raj Kumar and will express his love towards him just before the day of his marriage. But unexpectedly, Maya’s face was disfigured in an accident and with Mahati’s death, Raj Kumar replaces Maya face with Mahathi’s. Maya and Raj Kumar start living in a live-in relationship, and Maya files a rape case against Raj. The situations Mahathi faced after marrying Raj Kumar, What happened in court and why Maya filed a case are the crucial crux of the film.

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Analysis: Director Gangadhar has succeeded in making the story emotional with plastic surgery touch. It took so much time for the director to bring us into the main story and we feel stretched sometimes in the first half. The second half is emotional with a heart-wrenching back story. Court scenes are dragged and break the emotional wrench. Without court scenes and extra added drama, Mukhachitram might have been an above-average film and successful. Now ended up as below average with unwanted drama and dialogues.

Positives :

  • Priya Vadlamani
  • Story
  • Negatives :

  • Narration
  • Unwanted stretch
  • Performances:

    The first person we need to talk about when it comes to performances is Priya Vadlamani. She impressed as Mahathi. With different variations for her role, she was very impressive with settled acting. New actor Vikas Vasista as Dr Raj Kumar was a competitive actor for her. He was good as well in Raj Kumar’s role. Both the actors gave a mature presence on screen. Ayesha as Maya was okay. Vishwak Sen was good as a lawyer Vishwa.

    Kalabharava music is a special addition to the technical departments.BGM has a pivotal role to play in the film along with the actors.BGM has turned the film into a thriller.

    Verdict: Mukhachitram is a love story with plastic surgery touch.


    Mukhachitram Review

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