KGF Chapter 2 Review : Neel and Yash succeed in recreating the magic

KGF Chapter 2 Review : Neel and Yash succeed in recreating the magic

KGF Chapter 2 Review: 3/ 5

One of the most tracked and talked about movies of the recent times KGF chapter 2 is in theatres after a long wait. This high voltage action flick has huge expectations on it, owing to the resounding success of KGF chapter 1. The unexpected yet everlasting success of KGF has catapulted director Prashant Neel into the league of top Indian directors. Hero Yash, who was known only to Kannadigas earlier, has become a popular star all over India. KGF chapter 1 created such a powerful impact that not just south Indians but even Hindi belt audience have been eagerly waiting for KGF 2 release. Has the director-hero duo of Prashant Neel and Yash succeed in recreating the same impact once again? Barge into the big, bad, violent and merciless world of KGF to know more.

The saga of KGF-2:

After killing Garuda, Rocky becomes the undisputed leader of Kolar Gold Fields (KGF). As he saves scores of labourers who have been put to severe hardships by Garuda’s men, he becomes their hero and leader. Unable to take on invincible Rocky, Reena’s father Rajendra Desai, Garuda’s brother Daya, Andrews and others bow before him and turn his friends and allies. However Rocky does not trust them and keeps a watchful eye on them. Meanwhile he gets into KGF with his love interest Reena.

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Unable to digest the rise of Rocky, his detractors plot against him. As they cannot do anything to him if he is in KGF, they plot to bring him outside KGF. Meanwhile they get to know that the dangerous Adheera is still alive. All the detractors of Rocky rally behind Adheera and ensure that Rocky comes out of KGF using cunning tactics. This is when Adheera uses all his mind and might and attacks Rocky. After suffering a heavy blow in the hands of Adheera, Rocky leaves for Dubai. He waits for the right time to come back to India and own back KGF. How Rocky comes back and achieves his ambition? How does he deal with a powerful Prime Minister who also set her eyes on KGF? How does he deal with machinations of his opponents? How does he reclaim his lost glory and pave way for the future, form the main points of KGF chapter 2.

Yash Rocks again:

KGF first chapter has earned nation wide fame for Yash. This once Kannada star is now eyeing pan India star status and KGF 2 has been released as a pan India movie. Yash continues the same characterisation and mannerisms in KGF sequel and impresses once again. The intensity he shows in confrontation scenes with Sanjay Dutt shows his maturity. Both in case of body language and in action scenes, Yash has come up with commendable effort.

Bollywood star Sanjay Dutt as Adheera is the newest and most valuable addition to KGF universe. He has excelled as antagonist Adheera. His character in KGF 2 reminds audience of his villain character in Agnipath movie. Raveena Tandon appears as a powerful woman Prime Minister and she is quite good in that role. Heroine Srindhi Shetty is charming and has more screen space in chapter 2. Rao Ramesh appears as a CBI officer. The role played by Anant Nag in chapter 1 has been taken up by Prakash Raj in second part.

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Key technicians behind KGF universe:

KGF chapter 1 became such a huge hit, movie lovers have almost started seeing it as a different universe. The impact of KGF was such that many movie lovers have turned its fans. The credit for this goes to not just director Prashant Neel but also to his technicians. Director has retained the same technicians team for even sequel and succeeding in recreating the magic one again. Bhuvan Gowda has once again excelled in cinematography. Music director Ravi Basrur sustains the same mood and momentum in sequel. Hanuman Chowdhary has written dialogues for Telugu version and has done a decent job. Action choreographers need to be appreciated. Though we see violence going overboard in many scenes, that’s the universe inherited by KGF population. Bankrolled by Hombale Films, KGF 2 has good production values.

Final verdict:

Unlike KGF 1, its sequel is coming amid huge expectations. So movie team has huge burden of reaching the expectations. While KGF 2 may not surpass the brilliance and raw emotion of first chapter, it surely does a decent job of keeping movie lovers glued to the screens.

KGF Chapter 2 Review: 3/ 5

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