HIT 2 Review : Adivi Sesh One Man Show

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HIT 2 Review : Adivi Sesh One Man Show

HIT 2 review

HIT2 was released today with huge expectations. After the tremendous success of HIT, makers planned to make a sequel. Hero Nani produced this film under the Wall poster Cinemas banner. HIT2 has got better casting and budget when compared to the first part. Let’s have a look at the HIT2 review.

Story: Krishna Dev/KD (Adivi Sesh) is SP at Vizag for the Homicide Interrogation team. KD is very smart at investigation and one of the best officers in town. Suddenly one day the whole city was shocked by the tragic incident. A young woman was brutally murdered and the case investigation was handover to KD. Now whether KD will solve the case and why the psycho killer targeting women is the story of the film.

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Analysis: As this is from the HIT franchise, we compare it with it. HIT2 has more emotions and drama when compared to HIT. When it comes to production values, HIT has more restrictions and HIT2 has got its best.

HIT2 is slow, it takes time to enter the story. The villain was exposed as more intelligent. KD who thinks criminals are dumb gets the best challenge from the psycho killer. Director has portrayed more meat in this film, but took more time to expose the intelligence of KD. Films’ production values are top-notch. The story is very flat and is the same as expected without any twists and turns. Cinematography has created more impact than the crime in the film.

Positives :

  • Narration
  • Meenakshi Chaudhary
  • Negatives :

  • Adivi Sesh’s facial expressions (Only at times)
  • Script
  • Performances: Adivi Sesh is known for his choosy scripts. The same has gotten him into HIT2. But Adivi Sesh failed at times to impress the audience with his facial expressions. But when it comes to climax scene, Adivi Sesh’s body language and emotional outbursts are extremely good.

    Sailesh Koneru’s direction is okay. Post covid everyone turned out to be pretty intelligent by watching crime thrillers of all languages on OTT platforms. So, this makes audience as investigative officers. when we are watching a crime thriller, we need to get some clues to get involved in the film and this film will not leave any clues, which will make us feel bored in first half. The most intelligent officer will get the wrong culprit by himself. Press meets and pressure from higher officials will get us out from the thriller mood. This thing might have been taken care of well by the director.

    Meenakshi Chaudhary is KD’s girlfriend and pretty beautiful on screen.

    Verdict: HIT2 is an above-average psycho-thriller with a solid second half.

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    HIT 2 review

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