Suriya ET: A good attempt but falls short

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Suriya ET: A good attempt but falls short

Suriya’s Evariki Thalavanchadu (ET) released in theatres this Thursday, after a well coordinated pre-release buzz. Its simultaneously released in multiple languages across India, including Telugu. Read on to know how Suriya, who is on a high with continuous hits, fares in this new flick.

Story and setting of ET:

Suriya appears as a lawyer Krishnamohan, who leads a happy life with this parents in a rural area. Sathyaraj and Saranya are his parents. The joyful life of Suriya gets even better when he starts seeing heroine Priyanka who plays the role of Adhira. However when everything seems to going well for the lead pair, trouble erupts in the form of villain Vinay Rai who appears as Kamesh.

Kamesh using his political and financial clout, lures young women and after using them for sexual desires starts blackmailing them with their private videos. Kamesh almost runs a racket and wrecks havoc with many women’s life. How Suriya and his family gets targeted by villain and how he tackles such a menacing crime is the main plot of ET.

Serious issue needing attention:

Hero Suriya and director Pandiraj have selected a serious issue, which we come across regularly in news now-a-days. Many women are falling prey to criminal minded men who woo women just to use them and later blackmail them. Director needs to be patted for selecting such a issue and trying to give a message. But instead of narrating the important message in a proper way, he has diluted it by trying to mix it with commercial elements. In the process, ET loses track. At times viewers get confused about whether they are watching a well meaning movie or a regular commercial flick. Thus though the story and concept are good, we have to say that ET makers have faltered in narrating it in a proper and impactful way.

Suriya stands out:

After delivering classy flicks like Jai Bheem and Akashame Haddura, Suriya is back with a massy flick Evariki Thalavanchadu (ET) this time. However he mixes a serious issue even in this flick which is aimed at a commercial run. As far as his role is concerned he has excelled in it as usually. Heroine Priyanka gets a better role in ET when compared to her previous films and she is fine. Satyaraj and Saranya are seasoned artistes and did their job fine. Vinay Rai is impressive in his villainous role.

Key crafts:

Senior cinematographer Ratnavelu handled camera. He has done a decent job. Music by Imman is average. As Sun Pictures bankrolled the movie, its shot richly.

Final take:

Suriya’s ET is a good attempt but tries to be regular commercial flick. It had the potential to become another Jai Bheem but falls short away ahead.

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