Beast Review: Even Vijay can’t save this Beast

Beast Review: Even Vijay can’t save this Beast

Beast Review Rating: 2/ 5

Beast Review:

Tamil star Vijay’s much awaited Beast movie is in theatres now. Lot of hype was built around Beast movie and Vijay has also been aiming to emerge as pan India star with this big budget action flick. Film makers have made it clear with their trailers and promos that it is a hostage drama where Vijay appears as saviour. How does this unfold in the end? Read on.

Enter Beast mode:

Veera Raghavan (Vijay) is an undercover RAW agent who retires from job and keeps to himself after an unfortunate incident during a mission. But circumstances force him to enter ‘Beast’ mode once again when terrorists take hostage of a mall in Chennai. Being the only hope of entire Indian government to rescue the people in the mall, Vijay enters the scene. In fact when terrorists took hostage of the mall, Vijay and his love interest Pooja Hegde, are also inside the mall. Now how our star gets into beast mode and saves people is the sole point of movie.

Over the top presentation and weak screenplay:

Vijay is a larger than life hero and in all his movies he is seen as invincible. Even in Beast, he is presented as an unconquerable RAW agent, but the problem is, it goes unbearably over the top. Here Vijay has to rescue people who are taken hostage by dreaded terrorists, who demand the release of their leader. A story like this works only when terrorists are seen as dangerous and when audience feel vulnerable or fear them. Even Vijay, who is a saviour, will get elevated only when he is challenged by the terrorists and emerge successful after facing a tough battle. But at no moment in the movie does terrorists appear fearsome or hero appear to be facing any challenge.

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The movie runs as if Vijay can do anything and these terrorists are no match to him, and it is just a matter of time that all the people under the hostage of terrorists will be saved. There is absolutely no conflict in the movie. Here is where the main plot of the Beast falters seriously and takes life out of the movie. More over director Nelson tries to intersperse comedy in a serious story like this, making proceedings even more ridiculous.

Vijay is the only saving grace:

Beast as we know is a quintessential Vijay film. The whole film revolves around him. All others, including the antagonist and heroine, have very limited scope. There is no doubt about Vijay’s star power and larger than life image. Director Nelson has tried to ride on just Vijay’s star power. With no story to keep audience engaged, Vijay is the only one who can keep audience interested in the movie. Pooja Hegde has a very limited role. Others like Selva Raghavan, BTV Ganesh, Yogi Babu, Redin Kingsley appear but leave no lasting impact.

In the absence of strong story and lack of proper screenplay, Vijay is the only saving grace of Beast. He appeared very stylish and has maintained his style of mannerisms which will make his fans happy. He has excelled in both dances and fights and exuded grace.

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Key crafts of Beast:

Anirudh has composed music and done a decent job. Already couple of songs like Arabic Kuthu are viral hits and audience will enjoy them on large scale. Cinematographer Manoj Paramahamsa deserves praise. Action sequences appear over the top but stunt masters need to be appreciated for executing them well. As it is produced by a big production house like Sun Pictures, the movie looks very rich and stylish.

Final verdict:

Vijay is a large than life hero who can carry a movie solely on his shoulders. But even he needs support from script to do it convincingly and deliver a hit. Director Nelson should have known this basic fundamental. Without a proper script, even a star like Vijay can’t save this film.

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Beast Review Rating: 2/ 5

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