Aha Naa Pellanta Season 1 Review: Entertaining

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Aha Naa Pellanta Season 1 Review: Entertaining


  • Cast & Crew
  • Raj Tarun (Hero)
  • Shivaani Rajasekhar (Heroine)
  • Harsh Vardhan, Aamani, Posani Krishna Murali, Getup Srinu and Thagubothu Ramesh (Actors)
  • Jadhuh Sandy (Music Director)
  • Surya Raahul Tamada (Producer )
  • Sanjeev Reddy (Director)

Aha Naa Pellanta Season 1 Review

Aha Naa Pellanta is a rom-com titled web series, starring Raj Tarun and Shivaani Rajasekhar. The series has gained wanted buzz with promotional content. Let’s have look at the review.

Story :

Srinu (RajTarun) from Rajahmundry proposes to his schoolmate at a very young age. Which will scare his parents and take an oath from him that he would never go after a girl till his marriage. When everything was under control, Srinu stares at Maha (Shivaani) and controls his emotion for his promise. Everything was smooth till the bride (Sudha) elopes before the wedding. Srinu was unable to take the humiliation from friends and family and move to Hyderabad for Job in a cricket academy as a physical trainer.

Chiranjeevi Honoured with the Indian Film Personality of the Year Award

Mahendra (Posani Krishna Murali) is the bride’s father and wants to take revenge on the girl who helped his daughter (bride) to elope from her wedding. He takes the help of groom Srinu to take revenge. Accidently she is Maha (Shivaani), whose wedding will be nearby with a gold merchant. Sudha gets married to Maha’s brother. Maha takes the initiative to help Sudha to elope from her wedding and to go to the USA. Maha is a strong and independent woman, who is mature and well-mannered with particle behaviour. The story is about how Srinu and Maha fall in love and how the situations end up happily.


Srinu aspired to be Ram after marriage and Hanuman before the wedding. This nature of him carries all the emotion and pain with sensibilities. The series has enough length for comedy. No ball Narayana (Srinu’s father Harsha) and Serial Brahma Susheela (Aamani) are apt in their roles and are proud of their son. The humour, emotional angle and romantic angle are packed in the series.

Eight episodes of the series are :

  • Terasala
  • Pani Grahanam
  • Brahma Mudi
  • Saptha Padi
  • Arundathi Nakshaatram
  • Jeelakarra Bellam
  • Madhupakaram and Magalasoothra Dhaarana
  • When the first five episodes are packed with humour the last three control the romantic side, Shivaani and Raj Tarun has done complete justice for their roles. The chemistry between the lead pair is refreshing. Ravi Siva Teja and Trishool as Raj Tarun’s roommates bagged the value of humour along with Taagubothu Ramesh. A few moments in the series are a little slow and dragged. The flow becomes problematic in the fourth and fifth episodes. Rather than this Aha Na Pellanta is good web series.

    Positives :

  • Casting
  • Editing
  • Dialogues
  • Negatives :

  • Old age story
  • flow in few episodes
  • Verdict: :

    Decent Rom-com series with great performances. The routine slot will entertain the audience and be a definitely watchable series for a lazy weekend.

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