Ranga Ranga Vaibhavanga Review: Too Old School!

Ranga Ranga Vaibhavanga Review Rating
Ranga Ranga Vaibhavanga Review Rating

Ranga Ranga Vaibhavanga Review Rating : 1.5/5

Youthful romantic films always find positive reception for young actors if done right. Panja Vaisshnav Tej tasted massive success with his debut film, Uppena, which is an example of the above statement. Now, he has come up with Ranga Ranga Vaibhavanga another attempt at delivering a youthful romantic tale. Gireesaya wrote and directed this film after his debut in Tamil with Arjun Reddy remake, Adithya Verma. Let’s discuss about the film…


Rishi (Vaisshnav Tej) and Radha (Ketika Sharma) promise to each other in the young age that they would never speak to each other. They belong to families of two friends who build same kind of houses and even give birth to their children on same day. They wish for Rishi and Radha to become friends, like them. Radha’s elder brother Vamsi (Naveen Chandra) becomes a leader and he wants to marry off his sisters to influential people for his gain. But Radha’s sister falls in love with Rishi’s brother. Will Vamsi allow his plans to go begging? What will Rishi do to help his brother? Will this process help Rishi and Radha to realise their love for each other? Watch the movie to know more…


Some films are made for the audiences and only for the audiences. Not that every other filmmaker wants to please the viewers but some films don’t have any story or screenplay. They aim at cracking some jokes and showing some naughty scenes, chemistry between leads. Go for some edgy scenes in romantic portions and build action sequences, so that they can showcase everything that audiences need. It is not about finding a story to tell and wtiting a screenplay that suits, it is more about following a commercial format. Ranga Ranga Vaibhavanga belongs to that category. It repeats all that worked in Anandam, Nuvve Kavali and many late 90’s movies and hope to entertain audiences.

As they call them, “Old wine in New Bottle”, these films need to comedy, packaging to work big time. While Vaisshnav Tej and Ketika Sharma did have chemistry and performed well for the written parts, the packaging fails. Writers seems to have been asked to borrow scenes from every blockbuster youthful film and repeat them. Predictability in every scene is so neatly achieved that we can predict everything ten to twenty minutes ahead of it happening on screen. Second half just keeps dragging around the same line with similar scenes. Naveen Chandra, Ketika Sharma, Vaisshnav Tej tried their best to their abilities but couldn’t mesmerize with too lackluster screenplay. Gireesaya couldn’t really make use of the opportunity he got to showcase something fresh. Devi Sri Prasad songs and background score are not upto his standards. On the whole, it is an avoidable film.


  • Ketika – Vaisshnav Tej Chemistry
  • Few Songs


  • Predictable Narrative
  • Boring Second Half
  • Convenient Screenplay
  • Dragged Portions

Ranga Ranga Vaibhavanga Review Rating : 1.5/5

Bottom-line: Too Old School!

Cast: Vaisshnav Tej, Ketika Sharma, Naveen Chandra, Chanti, Prabhu, Naresh

Cinematography by Shamdat Sainudeen
Music Composed by Devi Sri Prasad
Written & Directed by Gireesaya
Produced by BVSN Prasad
Release Date: 2nd September, 2022

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