Unstoppable with NBK – Pawan Kalyan & his 3 marriages to attract spotlight

Unstoppable with NBK – Pawan Kalyan & his 3 marriages to attract spotlight

The biggest episode in the history of the Unstoppable talk show was shot the other day. Power Star Pawan Kalyan attended as the guest for the new episode of the show, which is hosted by Nandamuri Balakrishna. This is the first time where Balayya and Pawan shared a stage together.

Meanwhile, we hear some interesting updates from the shoot. Apparently, Balakrishna asked some personal and professional questions to Pawan and the latter opened up on topics which he never spoke about in public ever before.

According to the reports, Pawan opened up about his three marriages during the interaction. Balayya also warned the people who criticize Pawan for his three marriages. Balayya also asked a few serious questions about AP politics. It is heard that Balayya introduced his son Mokshagna to Pawan Kalyan. Even Pawan made some interesting comments about his son Akira Nandan.

Pawan’s nephew Sai Dharam Tej made an entry into the episode midway. Even director Krish Jagarlamudi participated in the episode along with Pawan Kalyan. It is heard that Pawan had a phone call conversation with Ram Charan in one of the segments of the show. On the whole, we hear that the episode came out very well. Fans are waiting with bated breath to witness the full episode. More details about the premiere date of the episode are expected to be announced soon.

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