Unstoppable Promo: Sesh and Sharwa have a fun time with Balayya

Unstoppable Promo: Sesh and Sharwa have a fun time with Balayya

The first two episodes of Unstoppable season 2 got a thumping response from the audience. Once again, Nandamuri Balakrishna owns the show with his comedy timing and exceptional hosting skills. Nara Chandra Babu Naidu and Nara Lokesh graced the first episode. Vishwak Sen and Siddhu Jonnalagadda were the guests on the second episode.

Now, Sharwanand and Adivi Sesh attended as the special guests for the third episode. Aha released the promo of this episode just about a while ago. Going by it, the episode looks like an ultimate fun ride. Both Sharwa and Sesh seem to be absolutely candid in the episode.

In the last episode, Balayya reveals that Rashmika is his current crush. In this episode, Sharwa dials up Rashmika and makes her talk to Balayya. He blushes as soon as he sees Rashmika on the video call. When asked about the heroine they would not like to kiss, Adivi Sesh replies, ‘Pooja Hegde’.

Balayya also asks Sharwa about the tough time he went through after meeting with a deadly accident during the shooting of Jaanu. Balayya also asks the guests to rank heroes like Chiranjeevi, himself and Nagarjuna based on their acting skills. We can also see Sharwa and Sesh dancing with Balayya in one of the segments of the episode. On the whole, the promo raised anticipation around the episode, which premieres on November 4.

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