Unstoppable 2: NBK supporting statements for CBN’s backstab

Unstoppable 2: NBK supporting statements for CBN’s backstab

Unstoppable second season started today. The first episode has turned out to be a complete family episode of Nandamuri and Nara. Balakrishna – Chandrababu Naidu- Nara Lokesh’s Unstoppable 2 episode is streaming in Aha. Let us discuss a few exciting issues discussed on the show.

CBN responding to NTR’s backstab: Chandrababu Naidu opened up about the 1995 episode. He said, “I went along with Balakrishna, Hari Krishna and BV Mohan Reddy to talk with Sr NTR. We argued, I fell on his legs, we had a discussion of around 3 hours and finally, we had no option left than take the decision”. CBN also said, like what was happening in our family, we went together to discuss politics. As it was a political discussion NTR asked everyone to walk out of the room and I was the only one left there to talk about everything to NTR inside the room.

Balakrishna was cross-checked with CBN for his 1995 decision and NBK has completely supported CBN’s decision on behalf of the whole Nandamuri family.

Nara Lokesh’s Viral Photo controversy: Lokesh asked about his swimming pool picture along with his friends. As it was a casual happening party with friends at that age of studying abroad, both father-in-law and father were okay with the picture. Lokesh also said that his wife Brahmani is in still contact with them and they are close to her than to him.

Chandrababu Naidu discussed his friendship with YS Rajasekhar Reddy. He has a phone call with his daughter-in-law Nara Brahmani and also had a telephonic conversation with his Bhuvaneswari.

Unstoppable2 first episode doesn’t have much fun and overall the episode was exposed as the clearance of the viral news and black marks of TDP.

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