Vithika wins task : Bigg Boss Telugu 3

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Vithika wins task : Bigg Boss Telugu 3

Bigg Boss Telugu 3 is in its last episodes. The Battle of Medalion task is going on which will give one week immunity for the contestants. For this the housemates are giving there best to win and get immunity. Today Vithika and Baba Bhaskar fought for it.

The episode started with Rahul and Punnu fights and pampering. Later the real game started.

Baba bhaskar and Vithika should stay in Rishaw till the Buzzer rings. Punarnavi was the sanchalak. They asked to eat 10 chillies and take full bottle of appy fizz. Baba Bhaskar who was unable to control asked the housemates to get bed sheets to urinate. Vithika smart play saved her.When Baba got up and requesting her to go front so that he can urinate, she pushed him out from rikshaw.

There will be one more task to get the immunity for next week. Mahesh Vitta, Rahul, Varun sandesh and Punarnavi are in elimination this week.


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