Bigg Boss Telugu 3 : Case Registered by Sree Mukhi Family

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Bigg Boss Telugu 3 : Case Registered by Sree Mukhi Family

Bigg Boss Telugu 3 is the top rated controversial reality show telecasted in MaaTV, Third season is being hosted by Nagarjuna. Sree Mukhi is one of the active contestant in the house.

Recently, A new controversy has surfaced in the Bigg Boss Telugu 3 house. Sree mukhi’s relatives have complained to the Jubilee Hills police over the famous English daily newspaper that they are making false news without knowing the real facts. They alleged that the paper is carrying out a false campaign against her, targeting only Sree mukhi. According to the complaint, the magazine has been misleading Sree mukhi by considering Twitter fake accounts. Since the news has become viral over the past two weeks, they approached the police to sort it out.

It is evident from the previous episodes that Rahul and Srimukhi quarrel like a Tom and Jerry, where In the last episode Sree Mukhi commented that Rahul is a black sheep. Rahul’s mocking-out has led to a debate on social media. It is about color discrimination. Fans are also targeting Himaja, who slammed Rahul for intervening unnecessarily in a task. Fans wants Nagarjuna to take necessary action against them. Speaking of provocative words, many demanded that Sree Mukhi should be eliminated from the show.

Rahul and Ali, who have been abusive towards SreeMukhi and Himaja in the past, are known to be nagging . But some fans are deeply involved of the fact that why Nag is not actually taking into account the mistakes of Sree Mukhi and Himaja. In the last episode, Rahul chose the task of making any of his house members angry. While playing the task, Himaja behaved very badly on Rahul and went to hit him.

Netizens are wondering how Nagarjuna responds for this issue. Previously Shilpa shetty also faced similar discrimination at the Bigg Boss Show. However people who used hateful words, disrespect words were expelled from the show. And here’s how they take action against Sree Mukhi… and will Sree Mukhi be on the house this time?


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