Why is Bigg Boss hiding the villany nature of Keerthy?

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Why is Bigg Boss hiding the villany nature of Keerthy?

Bigg Boss Telugu 6 is in its last few weeks. Contestants are playing the Ticket to Finale task. All housemates’ nature was being exposed somehow are other ways from day one. In Yesterday’s episode, even Shrihan and Rohit had lost their cool nature. They ended up as boys’ and girls’ teams also. In the end top 3 contestants Adi Reddy, Shrihan and Revanth played the next task. Because Rohit refused to play the game feeling that it will be bad for the top 3 contestants.

Leaving all these, Keerthy was back bitching with Faima and Sri Sathya( But she never encouraged it). Keerthy turned villainy in live streaming. Why the team is editing Keerthy real nature and behaviour?

Keerthy and Faima polluting the house with jealousy and back bitching. Why always the Bigg Boss editing team not exposing them?

When we see live streaming and Bigg Boss episodes, any common audience feels that Bigg Boss management only decides how to expose the nature of housemates by hiding their true nature.

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