Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 – Rohit & Keerthi ranks low

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 – Rohit & Keerthi ranks low

With the season coming to an end, Bigg Boss, like every year, conducted the ‘Ranking Task’ where the contestant stands by the number which indicated their performance of the season. The contestants can argue & convince the other to exchange the numbers too, and the lowest stands for nomination.

While Revanth stood at 1st, Inaya, Keerthi, and Sathya followed. Revanth stood at 1, saying he was as candid as he can, and Srihan stood at 5 saying that only a few have the guts to accept faults.

By the end of the task, Revanth, Srihan & Adi reddy was in the top 3, followed by Inaya, Sri Satya, Rohit & Keerthi. Does this reflect on nomination & elimination? Will there be another ‘Winning Ranking Task’ from Bigg Boss? is yet to be known.

As of the buzz, Revanth has more chances of being the winner this season, while Adi Reddy and Inaya are giving tough competition. Recently Reveanth became father to a baby girl and Nagarjuna revealed the news to him over the weekend.

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