Bigg Boss Telugu: Rajasekhar to be evicted

Bigg Boss Telugu: Rajasekhar to be evicted

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 is full of surprises. From the eviction of RJ Surya to Geethu Royal, there are too many things that took place in the TV show, much against the public opinion. Now, in yet another surprising news, we have come to know that Rajasekhar is evicted from the Bigg Boss house.

Rajasekhar is one of the strong players in the house whose performance is strong and steady. He has improved his game a lot. But, his eviction comes as a big surprise to everyone in the house.

Rajasekhar was not in the nominations from the last three weeks but this time, he was placed in the nominations. It looks like many did not vote him considering that he is a strong player. Faima who won the eviction free pass might have decided to use it for herself because of which Rajasekhar might have got eliminated.

Raj survived in the house for 12 weeks which is a big achievement.

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