Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6: Controversial questions to contestants

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6: Controversial questions to contestants

As the Bigg Boss enters its pre-finale weeks, the game has been changing vehemently. Bigg Boss decided to give a chance to the audience and they were requested to post their question to the contestants and they shall answer them. Here are the ones:

Q: You were rude to Keerthy during your captaincy about kitchen work. When she said she didn’t know how to cook, you told her to learn. Why can’t you say the same to Sri Sathya?
Srihan: The reason behind it was that everyone should learn to cook. Apart from that, I’ve seen her doing kitchen work. I haven’t heard Sri Satya saying she won’t do kitchen work. Still, she manages to do work in kitchen.

In reality, even when Sri Sathya said she doesn’t know how to cook & won’t do also, Srihan didn’t care about it. When this question was posed to him, Keerthy was on cloud9

Q: Faima, you seem to be very entertaining in the beginning, now you just look like a selfish contestant. What’s really you?
Faima: I became more ambitious about the game. So, I just put the entertaining me to rest.

Q: As a reviewer, you claim that you are a good observer & know the game well. But during nominations, you always tend to give silly or selfish reasons. You nominate all the strong players and feel that you are a strong player.
Adi Reddy: I don’t want to just nominate the strong players. I’d like to play & win with them. My nominations are the consequences of the incidents I observe. It’s important that the audience look at me as a contestant, not as a reviewer

Q: You said Inaya has backstabbed her best friend. You nominated Revanth 3 times. You didn’t even support him during captaincy. You used Arjun. You played his game & nominated him. Do you even follow what you preach?
Sri Satya: I’ll nominate whomever I find to be at fault. Even if it is Srihan. I wanted to provoke Inaya, that is the reason behind it. Game & Friendship are not same. I might nominate Srihan too. I didn’t use Arjun. I paid him for his service during the Hotel task. Yes, I do follow what I preach.

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