Bigg Boss Telugu 6: Mid-Week Elimination

Bigg Boss Telugu 6: Mid-Week Elimination

Bigg boss Telugu 6 is in its final week. Inaya Sulthana got eliminated from the house in the 14th week. Sri Sathya, Shrihan, Revanth, Adi reddy, Rohit and Keerthy are the final six contestants of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6. After Inaya’s elimination, social media is calling that an unfair elimination. Leaving all these beside, Bigg boss Telugu host Akkineni Nagarjuna has announced on the weekend’s episode that there will be a mid-week elimination.

With six contestants left, after the mid-week elimination, Bigg Boss will have the final five contestants in the house. For now, the voting is open for all the top 6 contestants and by Wednesday midnight the least votes prevailed contestant will walk out of the house.

Revanth, Rohit and Adi reddy are strong when compared to Shrihan, Sri Sathya and Keerthy. There are many chances for Shrihan or Sri Sathya to walk out of the house. Many social media followers call it management fixing for the top five contestants and that’s the reason behind Inaya’s elimination.


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