Bigg Boss Telugu 6: Lucky Keerthi

Bigg Boss Telugu 6: Lucky Keerthi

Bigg Boss Telugu 6 is in its thirteenth week. As part of this week’s nominations, Keerthi was saved, she got only one nomination (by Srihan) and escaped from nominations.

The episode started with rough conversations between Revanth and other housemates for rice. Keerthy drama for potato was irritating. Leaving this in yesterday’s episode they had nominations part.

Bigg Boss this week asked the contestants to nominate the housemates in a confession room ( Secret nominations). So, there were fewer discussions. Bigg Boss also projected some questions from fans to contestants and asked them to answer. When Raj said he doubt Inaya over back bitching on him, she started creating drama. She should remember that the audience remembers how she was back bitching on Faima with Baladithya.

Later, Faima and Sri Sathya planned to scare Raj by using face packs. Srihan was one of the victims of their ghost drama. Overall, the housemates have a fun night with the ghost episode.

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