Bigg Boss Telugu 6: Finally it’s a Family week

Bigg Boss Telugu 6: Finally it’s a Family week

After much longer waiting for Bigg Boss Telugu 6 housemates, this week turned out to be a family week.

Contestants were asked to play the task ‘Student and Teacher’. Where Adi Reddy was a dance master, Revanth was a Yoga teacher, Raj was a music teacher, Faima as an English teacher, and Rohit as a public speaking teacher. The task was fun-filled and in between every class, Bigg boss allowed the families to be inside the house.

Adi Reddy’s Family(wife and daughter), Raj’s Family and Faima’s mother were in the house in yesterday’s episode. Housemates are super excited by seeing the families.

Faima’s mother was humorous. To make Revanth laugh she gave a humorous punch to him. But, it was little hurting for a sensible person. As she is a fellow housemate’s mother, Revanth has no other option rather than being silent.

Keeping family aside, Revanth and Sri Sathya were in fasting for the whole day. Keerthy had many complaints about spice in the food. In front, she is very sweet, till they poke her. but she is the only contestant who back bitch on everyone, mostly on Revanth, Sri Sathya and Srihan. The audience feels like she is jealous of them.

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