Bigg Boss Telugu 6 : Adi Reddy evicted ?

Bigg Boss Telugu 6 : Adi Reddy evicted ?

Bigg Boss Telugu 6 is in its thirteenth week. Inaya, Raj, Faima, Revanth, Keerthy, Sri Sathya, Srihan and Rohit are the top nine contestants of the house. In social media there is a huge buzz over elimination of this week.

All Adi Reddy fans are calling it as an unfair nomination, but there is no official confirmation on this week elimination yet. Raj and Revanth are not in nominations as Revanth is the captain of the house and Raj came out from nomination with the highest price bid among the housemates.

Faima has won eviction free pass and we have to see how she will use it. Adi Reddy will be a happy man if he gets evicted from the house as he feel that he is the luckiest man to stay in house till thirteenth week and he also celebrated his daughter birthday in Bigg Boss house.

Keep checking the space for the officially evicted contestant name.

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