Bigg Boss Telugu 3 : Mahesh Vitta The new Captain of the house

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Bigg Boss Telugu 3 : Mahesh Vitta The new Captain of the house

Bigg Boss Telugu 3 is now into its 60th day of the season. After the College task, Mahesh vitta as Best student and Baba Bhaskar as Best Teacher selected by the housemates and got ready to fight for capataincy task .

Time for Captaincy Task : Mahesh and Baba will be given garland and they should keep that on the housemate and should request them to vote for their captaincy. Mahesh vitta won the task as Himaja, Varun, Punarnavi and Rahul gave their garlands to him.

Baba started playing politics, He is complaining to Sree Mukhi that every one are gossiping behind her. That he is feeling that but not sure and never heard. Finally Baba polluted and made her think whats happening back to her in the house.

Siva Jyothi , Himaja and Ravi had fun in rain.

Finally its time to meet family and friends of housemates . Everyone went emotional by seeing them. Only two will get a chance to meet the housemates. We have to wait for it till tomorrow.

Hema, Jaffar, Tamanna Simhadri, Rohini, Ashu Reddy, Shilpa Chakaravarthy and Ali Reza are already eliminated from show. This week Mahesh Vitta, himaja and Rahul are in elimination. Himaja have 90% chances to comeout from the house. Nagarjuna is hosting this season.


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