Bigg Boss Telugu 3 : Day 9 Tamanna Entry

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Bigg Boss Telugu 3 : Day 9 Tamanna Entry

Jaffar worried over staying in nomination, tensed whether audience will vote for him not.

Sri Mukhi, Jaffar, Varun, Mahesh, Himaja , Vithika , Punarnavi and Rahul gets nominated for this week.

baba Bhaskar nominates Vithika and Rahul

HOusemates left with two options : all housemates nomination or Baba Bhaskar.

Again Baba Bhaskar into confession room. Now its time for housemates to decide

Tamanna nominates Varun about abusing Mahesh and second is Vithika.

Punarnavi nominates Himaja same for being moody and not friendly and second nomination is Sri Mukhi for playing the game.

Srimukhi nominates Himaja for being dull and second person Mahesh Vitta for not playing task.

Mahesh nominates Vithika and Varun Sandesh for fight near store room.

Baba Bhaskar nominate a person he want to self nominate himself.

Jaffar nominates Vithika and Mahesh for fight near store room

Ali Reza nominates Himaja for not being friendly and Varun Sandesh for Mahesh issue.

Siva Jyothi nominates Srimukhi again same for being over and other person is Jaffar for not showing interest to stay in house

Rahul Nominates Himaja for being comfortable with her and Srimukhi for being possasive

Pellam chepthe Vinali :

vithika lost her chance for talking secretly to varun

Ashu Reddy for Sri Mukhi for being more dominative and second one is Rahul for not being close to her.

Varun Sandesh nominates Jaffar for getting influenced more on Baba Bhaskar. second nomination is Srimukhi for carrying words from here and there.

Himaja Nominates Punarnavi and Rahul.

Nomination process started : Housemates to go into confession room

Fight for Coffee powder.. Ali complains powder is getting finished so soon.

Tamanna entry stuns the housemates

Hema got eliminated from the house and Transgender Tamanna Simhadri as wild card entry. we have to wait and see when she will enter into the house.

Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Day 9 all the drama is about to start. Show is hosted by Akkineni Nagarjuna with 15 contestants and 100 days.

With somany controversies the show started. Season 1 was hosted by Jr NTR which was a superhit. Season 2 was hosted by Nani and was criticized a lot by few fans. We will see how season 3 will be handled by Nagarjuna.

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