Bigg Boss Telugu 3 : Intlo Dayyam Naku em Bhayam

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Bigg Boss Telugu 3 : Intlo Dayyam Naku em Bhayam

Overall, Sreemukhi with full of complaints , Punarnavi disappointed with the task.

Sree Mukhi again complaint complaint on Silpa ( Her mouth was stinking very badly)

Punarnavi disappointed with silpa and the task. The way silpa pushed her into pool, she dint like it.

Silpa turns Punarnavi as devil and vice versa

Why is sree mukhi irritated to take HImaja cloths ? : Sree Mukhi shares that with Ravi Krishna.

Sree Mukhi lost her life in himaja hand. Srimukhi turns devil and vice versa

Varun lost his life in Vithikas hand, Vithika turns human.

Devils trying to irritate humans but nothing turns out to be funny.

Task started, Silpa Chakravarthy is irritating.

Intlo Dayyam nakem Bhayam task started

Himaja turns senti , remembers her dog.

Himaja turned to be so positive.

HImaja and Silpa try to make some fun and it worked well like making a cooking show.

Is Sree Mukhi disappointed for Baba Bhaskar not saving her?

Hema, Jaffar, Tamanna Simhadri, Rohini ,Ashu Reddy and Ali Reza are eliminated from the house. Silpa chakravarthy the second wild card entry is aggressive at the house.

Bigg Boss Telugu 3 , Show is hosted by Akkineni Nagarjuna with 15 contestants and 2 wild entries for 100days .

With so many controversies the show started. Season 1 was hosted by Jr NTR which was a superhit. Season 2 was hosted by Nani and was criticized a lot by few fans. We will see how season 3 will be handled by Nagarjuna.


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