Bigg Boss Tamil: Queency gets eliminated in week 8

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Bigg Boss Tamil: Queency gets eliminated in week 8

Bigg Boss Tamil season 6 completed eight weeks of its run and is entering the ninth week. Out of 21 contestants who entered the house, eight got eliminated until now. The latest housemate to leave the Bigg Boss house is Queency.

Queency elimination came as a surprise for her fans. She enjoys a good following on social media. Her fans were indeed shocked by her early dismissal. Meanwhile, a section of the Bigg Boss audience felt happy after her elimination saying that she is not active in any tasks and acts like a sleeping contestant all the time. Queency is a television actress who is known for her role in the television serial Anbe Vaa. She got more popularity with her stint in Bigg Boss.

Apart from Queency, Robert, Nivaashini, Maheshwari, Sheriina, Asal, Shanti and Muthu are evicted from the house. Currently, 13 housemates are contesting for the title. Adk, Amudhavanan, Ayesha, Azeem, Dhanalakshmi, Janany, Kathirravan, Manikandan, Nandini, Rachitha, Ram, Shivin and Vikram are in the house.

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