OPINION: Why is Ranveer Singh’s photoshoot a topic of National discussion?

It only happens in India. An FIR, a national debate- over an actor’s personal choice!

Where is my jaw? Oh, actually I dropped it when I saw Ranveer Singh’s latest pictures for Paper Magazine. Ranveer, who bared it all for a photoshoot, lying like a man ‘unaware of the consequences his boldness’ might receive, looks like a million bucks (in no expensive clothes) on a Turkish rug!

Like me, countless jaws were dropped on the day after he ‘crossed all limits’, as the FIR says. Ever heard about women/men thirsting over their favourite stars? Like Henry Cavil, Michael B. Jordan, or our Spiderman, Tom Holland? I remember I once thirsted over Timothee Chalamet and Jeon Jungkook. Western influence, after all! And now, Ranveer Singh has become the ‘perfect’ target of ‘women’ to thirst over and I totally agree- The Man looks HOT.

What Ranveer has done takes guts to do. Accept it or not. But filing an FIR over an issue as trivial as this also requires some big guts! All hell broke loose in India, ‘a land of culture’ (as per the FIR again), after a picture that featured Ranveer’s ‘bum’ went viral. It only happens in India when someone’s ass becomes a topic of ‘national debate’. Am I surprised? Well, very much that an actor’s ‘backside’ is getting so much attention while many girls and their ‘modesty’ remain insulted every now and then.

But no, Ranveer Singh’s boldness is not something the entire country can handle! The actor has been booked under Sections 292 (sale or circulation of obscene books etc), 293 (Sale of obscene objects to young person), and 509 (insulting the modesty of any woman) of the Indian Penal Code and various provisions of the Information Technology Act. Too much for a photo, isn’t it?

The complainant also said that India is a land of culture and such photos could negatively impact children, as if people’s children are celebrities’ responsibility and not the parent’s.

All the furore over Ranveer Singh’s pictures has made one point very clear, that in India, ‘My Body, My Choice’ is a far-fetched reality. It feels good only when you hear it, not in practice. Women or men, if they post anything ‘eye-catching’ will be ostracised. Soon, the day will come when celebs and people will be handed over a book, which will be titled- ‘How not to disappoint people’ which they have to carry at all times.

Source : Pinkvilla

People can be hilarious. So was lawyer Vedika Chaubey who filed the FIR. The way she says ‘But we can see his bum’ literally left a journalist in splits. People have problems with Ranveer when he wears clothes and now they have a problem when he is naked.

Why ostracise Ranveer? Isn’t it getting too much?
It is not the first time an FIR has been filed against an actor for posing naked. In 2020, an FIR was filed against Milind Soman for running naked on a Goa beach, calling it ‘obscene’.

Rahul Khanna teased fans with his nude pic a few days back, with just a pillow to cover. ‘What a sight to wake up to’ said one girl. Another one wrote-’Holy shit’. Men actively took part too. John Abraham, remember Dostana? Everyone had a nervous giggle watching him slide down his boxers. Many must have smiled too.

Why selective outrage?
There are no outrages when a girl is harassed in plain sight, why? Where is the outrage when under posts of women, in full clothes or naked, vulgar, disrespectful comments are written? Where is the outrage when a girl can’t step out because she knows her modesty will be in jeopardy after it?

Why are we so selective towards our outrage? And why does it only get hurt when any celeb says or does something?

As long as men and women are proudly embracing their bodies and motivating others to do so, all is well. And rest, as rightly said, “Kuch toh log kahenge, logon ka kaam hai kehna.” If there’s still a problem, people can do what Ranveer said in his interview: ‘Eat my ass’.