Nayan and Vignesh Shivan got married six years ago

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Nayan and Vignesh Shivan got married six years ago

Nayanthara and Vignesh Shivan announced the birth of their twin babies last week. They gave birth to the babies through surrogacy. Ever since the announcement was made, it sparked controversy.

According to the rules in the Tamil Nadu state, a couple can only opt for surrogacy if they are married for five years. As Nayan and Vignesh got married in June and became parents in October, it was speculated that their surrogacy was illegal.

The state government appointed a three-member committee to investigate the matter. According to the latest reports, Nayan and Vignesh have stated that they got married six years ago through registered marriage.

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They have also submitted an affidavit and marriage certificate to the committee. They also stated that the surrogate was Nayanthara’s relative from the UAE.

No one knew Nayan and Vignesh were married for six years and it came in as a shocker for everyone.

However, the controversy is ended now, say the sources.

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