YS Jagan slams Acham Naidu in Assembly

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YS Jagan slams Acham Naidu in Assembly

Andhra Pradesh chief minister YS Jagan gave a very big class to Acham Naidu when he disturbed jagan speech in AP Assembly.

When YS jagan was giving power point presentation about AP drought on last government rule. Acham Naidu disturbed the house at that point . Speaker dint allow Acham Naidu to speak, but still Naidu started shouting ” Adhyaksha Adhyaksha”. YS Jagan who got distracted by this shouted on Naidu.

YS Jagan Said “మనిషి పెరిగాడు కానీ బుర్ర , బుద్ధి పెరగలేదు ” . YS Jagan asked to Naidu when “Chief Minister is talking in the house why cant you be calm, learn to behave” . Jagan dint respect Acham Naidu not even for his age or seniority.


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