YS Jagan 3 month plan of action to over Sand Crisis

YS Jagan 3 month plan of action to over Sand Crisis

Scarcity of Sand, The hot topic in Andhra Pradesh for all opposition parties. Construction field is facing huge problem with crisis of sand. Jagan had a meeting with the officials over this and gave them plan of action for next 3 months.

Andhra Pradesh chief minister YS Jagan asked Collectors to check the possibilities to get sand from small rivers , ponds and cannals. Asked the collectors to do mining in those sand reaches where Grama volunteers will take care . He ordered Collectors that Sand in tractors should not be carried more than 20km. To over come the crisis Jagan is taking all possible measures.

Collectors informed that because of the heavy rainfall and over flow of rivers like Krishna and Godavari Sand reaches are with water and unable to supply sand as per demand. They also said that out 240 sand reaches , from 69 sand is being supplied.

Jagan also ordered the collectors to make sure that this should be corruption free and asked not to cause any damage to environment. Grama volunteers will note vehicle numbers and quantity that is being transported.


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