Mi Babu Ma Babu ni em cheyaleka poyadu : Lokesh

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Mi Babu Ma Babu ni em cheyaleka poyadu : Lokesh

Nara Lokesh fired on AP CM YS JaganMohan Reddy regarding the dream Project Polavaram. The central government has accepted all the expectations of the TDP during its rule on behalf of Polavaram.

Lokesh said, TDP always seeks challenging assignments for the better livelihood of people that’s what we have done with Polavaram without wasting People’s money. Without the proper support from central we have tried to complete the project when you wished to stop it. And now in return you are questioning us about the Polavaram corruption that don’t have space to speak. You dream of everybody to be branded as Corrupt but your dream always remains “A Dream”.Even your father forced 26 committes to prove us wrong in an illegal ways and now you too are following his footsteps and doing the same mistake. This is not the way to misuse the powers of a Person of your stature to do such false manipulations regarding a wise man.


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