Kodela death Mystery

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Kodela death Mystery

After having worst experiences in his last days it is revealed that Kodela tried to commit suicide several times. The latest buzz is that Kodela talked to a Basavatarakam cancer hospital Doctor before he hanged . Everyone knows that Kodela committed suicide at his house recently because of the political pressures from the YCP government.
Recently the news came to limelight but the Policemen said that the stories added to this news is not true and will be clearly specified within three days.

Kodela as a senior politician saw crests and troughs. After the elections YCP lodged number of fault cases on him. A nylon wire was used to hang himself where he previously tried with his regular dhoti but failed and used the later and succeeded without bending to political pressures. The police is speeding up the case without delays to as not to blame the ruling YCP party and close Kodela’s file pretty soon because if it is delayed Jagan have to bear severe consequences from opposition Chief Chandrababu.

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